Testing validates design. It ensures our designs work as intended and the experience is simple, clear, intuitive, and fun.

Designs can be tested in several ways depending on time and budget. Our testing methods involve users engaging with the prototype through real-life usage scenarios so the experience is as realistic as possible. This, coupled with qualitative interviews, ensures the feedback collected is rich and informed.



To make sure your website works, it is essential to test with your users. It is an opportunity to learn how your users experience your website and where they may encounter difficulties.

Ideally, a website should be tested iteratively, from high-level wireframe until it goes live. We can test high-level wireframes, Intranet systems, live websites, and web applications to ensure they are usable and meet the expectations of your users.

Mobile and tablet

What users expect from mobile and tablet experiences is rising. It is therefore imperative that your product meets those expectations.

In addition to research and design, we help companies test their mobile and tablet experiences (apps and websites) to ensure they are optimised and easy to use.


We test software packages to ensure they are as effective and efficient as they can be.

We want to ensure users perform their tasks easily and enjoy using the software, whether it is a call centre system or printer setup software.

Physical products

We look at all aspects of the product, from packaging to the out-of-box experience, first time setup and installation, first time use, and how easy it is to perform basic tasks with the product.

Your products can be tested on its own or with competing products to see how it compares to other products in the market.

Documentation and forms

Making sure your documentation is straightforward and interpreted correctly is part of an enjoyable user experience.

We test paper forms, brochures, quick start guides, product documentation, and everything in between.


Usability test

We can test your website, mobile app, Intranet, or business application with your users.

In a usability test, participants complete a number of tasks using the system whilst a UX consultant observes and notes the usability issues. After testing, we analyse our findings and provide a prioritised list of issues and actionable recommendations on how to fix them.

Eyetracking test

Being able to see where users look is essential for understanding user behaviour and usability issues.

Eyetracking allows us to construct a full picture of what your users are looking at, probe why they were looking at it, and understand their behaviour and expectations deeper.

Hallway test

When deadlines are tight and feedback is needed quickly, consider hallway testing.

Designs can be tested at your premises with your internal staff. These participants are asked to perform basic tasks and feedback is collected. Findings are collected and recommendations made in real-time, allowing quick changes to be made to the design right after testing.

Remote online test

Sometimes, reaching your users may not be easy.

In such cases, we use remote online testing software to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to gather insights from your users, wherever they are.

Deliverables & Results

Optimise your design

We identify issues and highlight areas of your product that work well. This ensures issues are fixed and elements that work are maintained.

We work closely to make sure your product maximises its Return on Investment (ROI)


Insights to customer behaviour

In order to design a first class user experience, it is imperative to understand your users. We do this by eliciting insights from real users using a wealth of tools and techniques.

Our UX Consultants observe what your users are doing and, more importantly, question why they do it. We then analyse these insights and translate them into actionable recommendations that have maximum impact for your company.

Redesigned solutions

Using Objective Experience ensures that we will evaluate your product or services from a fresh and unbiased viewpoint. We do not agree with changing things just because “its cool”. We will work with you to identify what works and what needs to be improved.

We are comfortable working with in-house teams or partners to ensure your goals are met and the redesign not only meets your needs, but the needs of your customers as well.

Test Viewing


Objective Experience’s facilities are available for focus groups, one-to-one interviews, and ideation sessions. We can test websites, mobile phones, tablets, and concepts in our offices. Our observation room includes a one-way mirror that lets you observe sessions in real-time.

Our labs use the latest in eyetracking technology allowing you to know exactly where a person is looking – be it websites, mobiles, tablets, or retail environments. We also have portable eye tracking equipment that lets you gather users insights anywhere.

Is your product usable? Let us help you test early and often.