We research how people interact with products and environments across all channels - apps, mobile, websites, systems, offline and in-store.

Since 2007, our world-class clients have engaged us for strategy, customer research, user experience design and usability testing to optimise user journeys.


Research informs design. We gather insights from your customers, stakeholders and provide prioritised actionable recommendations that rely on industry best practice.

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UX DEsign

Design synthesises research insights with business objectives that we can produce usable and effective designs for digital and service environments.

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Usability Testing

Usability testing validates design. We ensure that your mobile and web designs work and that the customer experience is simple, intuitive and fun.

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Shopper research answers the following questions: Where do people look when they walk around a shopping environment?

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Eye tracking

Eye tracking allows us to explore unconscious reactions during shopping or digital experiences. It reveals what really attracts consumers’ attention and eliminates errors that may occur when relying on human recall.

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We offer 1 day public training courses and customised training in your office on Eye Tracking, UX Design and usability testing in Sydney.

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Research Network

Objective Experience offers a full service Research Network providing Recruitment, Room Hire and User Research/Training. We are conveniently located on King St. Wharf in Sydney with state of the art research facilities