Usability Testing

Usability Testing vs User JourneyResearch

What does usability testing mean to you? What is a user journey research? Well, both usability testing and finding out what a user journey research is, fall under the whole spectrum of User Experience and they are essential to the success of a product or service. Although both can work closely together, usability testing and user journey research have different roles. 

Domain experts vs experts in a process: tips for conducting usability testing with complex products designed for subject-matter experts.

I recently completed a project that involved usability testing with a cloud-based product used by IT administrators to manage virtual infrastructure. The challenge for me was how do I test a technical product when I have minimal technical knowledge of that product? How do I moderate a session with SMEs who know more about virtual infrastructures than I do? Ultimately, UX consultants are not domain experts, but experts in a process.