Eye tracking allows us to explore unconscious reactions during the shopping experience. It reveals in an objective way what really attracts consumers’ attention and eliminates errors that may occur when relying on human recall. As such, it provides a complement to conventional research methods.

Deliverables & Results

Live viewing, retrospective interviews and eye tracking videos

Live gaze-tracking can be viewed by the moderator to see where users are looking in real time. The gaze-tracking movie can be shown to the participant after the test, and they can be asked questions whilst their memory is prompted by watching their own eye movements. This ‘Retrospective Think Aloud’ methodology has been shown to extra greater insights from follow up interviews. We also analyse and interpret eye tracking videos in detail.

Heat maps

  • What does and does not get attention

  • Where the gaze lingered (areas illustrated in red)

  • Where users expect to find certain features

  • How multiple designs compare

Gaze plots

  • Show fixation sequence i.e. the path the eye takes

  • Length of fixation (larger fixations create larger dots)

A gaze is captured when the eye fixates on a single spot for at least 1/10 of a second. A line also shows the path between fixations.

Area-specific analysis

We can create specific statistical analysis of areas of interest. You can create sections / areas of interest and analyse data such as:

  • Time to first fixation

  • Time spent in each section

  • Percentage of respondents who engaged with certain areas of interest

  • Individual or aggregated data

  • Viewing behaviour based on demographics


Tobii Glasses

Tobii Glasses 2, the next generation wearable eye tracking tool, gives researchers the ability to capture truly objective and deep insights into human behavior in any real-world environment. Tobii Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time as she or he moves freely in a shop, a restaurant or any real-world environment.

The Tobii Glasses Eye Tracker 2 is suitable for use in areas such as:

  • In-store shopper research

  • Out-of-home and TV advertising

  • Sports research

  • Driving/vehicle research

  • Usability research

  • Security applications

  • Autonomous eye tracking

Tobii X2 Eye Tracker – Portable Lab

Tobii’s newest addition of X2 eye trackers (60Hz and 30Hz) are designed for maximising portability and supreme tracking performance in human behaviour research studies.

This flexible mobile lab is the smallest system on the market and is ideal for cost efficient testing in the field.

The TobiiX2 Eye Tracker is suitable for use in areas such as:

  • Website and software usability studies

  • Copy testing, digital campaigns and TV commercials

  • Package design studies

  • Interfaces such as ticket machines or control panels

Tobii T60, T120

Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers enable you to conduct on-screen eye tracking studies for a wide variety of research purposes. Accurate 60 or 120 Hz eye tracking delivers reliable results in a natural testing environment where the stimuli can be presented on the monitor.

  • 17-inch TFT monitor

  • Large degree of head movement

  • Distraction-free test environment

  • Natural behaviour and valid results.

  • High level of accuracy and precision

Tobii T60XL

Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker enables you to accurately and unobtrusively measure gaze over wide screen angles and large stimulus displays. The high screen resolution also allows for eye tracking studies of detailed stimuli which can be presented on the monitor.

  • High-resolution 24-inch TFT wide screen monitor

  • Large degree of head movement

  • Distraction-free test environment

  • Natural behaviour and valid results.

  • High level of accuracy and precision

Tobii TX300

The Tobii TX300 has a frame rate of 300 Hz sampling rate, very high precision and accuracy, robust eye tracking and compensation for large head movements. It provides unobtrusive research of oculomotor functions and human behaviour. Tobii TX300 offers flexibility with numerous stimuli set-up and software options.

Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker is suitable for eye tracking in areas such as:

  • Neuroscience studies (e.g. studies combining eye tracking and EEG data)

  • Ophthalmology studies

  • Reading studies

  • Psychology research (e.g. developmental psychology and psycholinguistics studies)

  • Gaze-contingent paradigms due to a latency of 10 msec

Tobii X60 and X120

Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers offer flexible stimuli setup options which enable you to measure how people view physical objects, projections and video screens. Accurate 60 or 120 Hz tracking delivers reliable results in a natural testing environment.

The Tobii X60 and X120 Eye Trackers are suitable for use in areas such as:

  • Studies of interactive television, gaming and control panels

  • Research and studies using simulators

  • Studies of virtual reality environments

  • Usability studies of mobile interfaces and devices

  • Usability studies of other physical objects

  • Studies of store shelves, packaging and virtual shopping

  • Printed media research

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