Case Study: Toothpaste Packaging

Testing packaging designs with the Eye Tracker

The task:

Understand the effects toothpaste product packaging has on attracting customers and informing them about the product.

The approach:

One-on-one sessions were conducted with participants who were not loyal to a particular brand of toothpaste and were open to trying different ones.

The first part of the session focused on what attracts customers to the product. Participants were shown a life-size store shelf projection of toothpastes. They were asked to imagine they were in a supermarket and behave accordingly.

The second part of the session focused on how well a design communicated information to the participant. Three alternative designs with one common message were shown to participants one at a time. Participants were later asked what each design was trying to communicate to them.

The outcome:

In terms of attracting customers, the colour of the packaging had the largest impact on attracting participants. In particular, the colour red attracted participants the most.

In terms of informing customers about the product, participants understood the message clearest when the key points of the message were numbered and fewer words were used. QA revealed and eyetracking later confirmed this hypothesis.