Case Study: Tabcorp

Contextual inquiry using eyetracking and UCD

The task:

Objective Experience was commissioned to design TABCorp’s new call centre betting terminal that would help operators place bets more efficiently.

The business objectives of this study were to decrease operator turnover by increasing operator satisfaction and to offer customers excellent service.

The challenge:

Majority of the 600 operators had no/very little computing experience outside of work (many operators did not know how to use a mouse). Also, the nature of the calls were time sensitive; customers were in a hurry to place their bets before the race started and most calls lasted less than a minute.

The approach:

We conducted contextual inquiries at the call centre, observing how operators dealt with customers and placed bets. Since calls were short and actions were performed very quickly, we used eyetracking to reveal the split-second interactions and decisions operators made during a call.

The outcome:

We found the main problem with the system was that navigating to the artifact customers wanted to bet on required extensive domain knowledge. This was difficult even for experienced operators with over 20 years of experience.

We created a design that allowed experienced and novice operators to navigate to the artifact they wanted quickly and efficiently. Domain knowledge enhanced efficiency but was no longer a requirement for navigating the system.