Case Study: News Digital Media

Usability testing on

The task:

News Digital Media rented a HD wide-screen Tobii T60XL Eye Tracker from Objective Experience, and conducted a series of usability tests on the Carsguide website, evaluating user’s experience of cross promos in print to online, as well as user’s experience of online story pages.

The approach:

At the CEBIT Expo, 40 participants were tested to see how they interacted with print cross promos to online. A second session tested external participants to see how they interacted with online story pages. The participants were given a set of tasks, and their actions were recorded using the Tobii eye tracker. Tobii studio was used to generate heatmaps and gazeplots for further analysis.

The aggregated heatmaps and easily identified the areas of the page layouts that received the most attention from participants. Gazeplots were utilized to understand the common patterns associated with order of fixation across the layouts.

The outcome:

Results from the print cross promos to online test, and the online story test, indicated which layouts attracted the most attention from participants. Individual gazeplots were useful for comparing the patterns of reading behaviour down the page, elements that attracted attention and those that were revisited.