Case Study: Hollard Travel Insurance

UX Guidelines for desktop, mobile and tablet websites

The task:

Objective Experience was commissioned to develop User Experience (UX) Guidelines for Hollard Financial Services. The goal was to design the optimal landing page that would help Hollard’s websites maximise conversions across desktop, mobile and tablet.

The approach:

We reviewed Hollard Financial Services’ family of 10 landing pages to identify common interface elements. We then sourced for available research that would inform our guidelines. Our sources included:

  • Peer-reviewed academic research papers;
  • ISO standards (e.g. ISO 9241-17, ISO 9241-12); and
  • Literature from domain experts (e.g. Tim Ash, Luke Wroblewski, Janice Redish, Susan M. Weinschenk Ph.D.)

These guidelines formed the basis for designing the optimal landing page.

The outcome:

36 guidelines were developed around 1) credibility and trust, 2) persuasion, 3) calls to action, 4) Forms, and 5) content.
We also created templates of the optimal landing page that complied with all of the guidelines as an example of how the guidelines can be used.